the Ukrainian weekly 

Established October 2008 in New York 

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief 
Valentyn Labunsky 

We are pleased to introduce a newly-formed Ukrainian-American weekly newspaper called NOVA Gazeta which is a great source for business opportunities.

NOVA Gazeta is a full-color newspaper for the Ukrainian community in the USA.

The articles in NOVA Gazeta are written by the paper’s reporters, observers and columnists in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Kyiv.

NOVA Gazeta provides the Ukrainian community and readers in Ukraine with comprehensive, invaluable information about important political, economic and cultural events in the US, Ukraine and around the world.

Nova Gazeta is engaged in helping new immigrants from Ukraine integrate into American society and understand the realities of the American dream, in terms of business, medicine, finances, education, justice and the legal system.

Founded: October 2008

Circulation: 10,000 per month

Frequency: weekly

Format: 8-12 Full color, 24-36 pages

Distribution: over 60 locations in New York City, the state of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, California, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington D.C. and Canada

Language : Ukrainian

About the Ukrainian community in the USA:

Over 1 million Ukrainians live in the USA today.

Ukrainians represent 0.8% of the population of the United States.

Nearly 76% of Ukrainians in America have an above average education level.

42% own their own businesses.

Almost 90% of Ukrainian-Americans live in cities and 41% of them work for major trading and financial companies.

The Ukrainian language is taught in 36 prestigious colleges and universities in the United States today.

The Ukrainian community has many of its own schools, churches, theaters, restaurants, credit unions, resorts, youth clubs, veterans’ organizations etc.



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